Years ago (2015-2017) I had the privilege of living out a childhood dream – to be in a band.  I never shared any of my videos and photos on my blog, but it was an experience!  We were known then as Psychedelic Revival and played mostly 60’s music. As the new year comes upon us, I have been feeling nostalgic so I thought I would share a video and a few photo highlights.  Fun times!

Below is the song I liked doing the most: Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit.

I also enjoyed Rock Blues (I think that’s what this song would be classified as?) Going Down!

A little Allman Brothers:

Deep Purple! Great band, great color 😉

Below are a few links to recordings only.

Black Mockingbird – This is an original. I did the lyrics and music, but a friend came in with his guitar and played the music.  It is very “Eric Draven” from The Crow.

Fortunate Son – We used to always start our sets with this

Highway Star – The beginning always made me giggle!  And this made me think of my 1993 Burgundy Camaro!

House of the Rising Son – Ahhhh such a comfortable song.  I love it.  I have also done it with Gilligan’s Island lyrics!

Spell on You and Born to Be Wild! – I loved doing Spell on You, CCR style.   It was fun when we’d bleed one song into another too.

Willow – This is a song we worked on as a band.  They did the music and I did the lyrics/melody.  I enjoyed the collaboration.  Brought me back to Black Mockingbird.

A few photos from our gigs are featured below.  I sewed all my outfits from vintage material and my jewelry was also vintage… well the Go-Go boots were new 😉