Well, I was officially let go from Psychedelic Revival today because I rely too much on my phone for lyrics. While I can understand it’d be nicer if I didn’t need lyrics, I have – over the years – learned my  limitations. Memorizing stuff is not my strong suit or else I would have been an ac-TOUR *flourish*

While I am saddened to be let go, I will strive to focus on the good I gained from the experience:

  1. I did something I really enjoyed
  2. I crossed something off my bucket list I never thought I would
  3. My voice got a work-out so now I can really belt it out when pressed!
  4. Learned a lot about music and working within the dynamics of a band (like Frank’s little nods when it was time for me to start screaming again 😉
  5. Made new friendships that will endure past this experience
  6. Learned that limitations do close doors (not a great thought, but keeps me honest)
  7. Practiced my sewing chops and website/SEO/marketing skills on stuff for the band

Added perks:

  1. I will save money on ginger tea, lemon and honey!
  2. I will have way more time on my hands to craft, do chores and hang with my family
  3. I can start listening to music other than 60s and 70s without feeling guilty
  4. I can actually sew something that is non-band related without feeling guilty
  5. One less site/FB page to maintain
  6. My ears and throat are throwing a little party since the abuse will now cease lol

In the end, all things considered, this was a terrific run.  I learned so much and had a chance to perform with a really talented bunch of musicians. I am SO grateful to everyone who came out to support me in this endevour – family (Momie and Dad and Chris were our most loyal fans!) and my dear, close buddies that would take too long to list. I am just sorry I wasn’t up for the “lyrics by memory” challenge.

Perhaps one day I’ll perform again, but for now thank you to everyone for your support and GOOD NIGHT!

*takes one last, long, sad bow before walking off into the choking smoke of the fog machine, phone in hand, only to trip over my gleaming white boots, letting out a keen whimper in the style of Deep Purple as I fall – less than gracefully -into the dazed audience, resplendent in my bell-bottomed glory*

not so groovy, man 🙁