This is not so much a tutorial as it is sharing a pattern I followed, the results and a few comments on it.

I found this pattern for a stuffed Llama on Redheart and fell in love instantly.

I shared it with my buddy and she also became enamoured. She asked me to make it for her (though I later learned it was because she wanted it for a friend!) and, being an overly ambitious friend, of course I said “Sure!” thinking “How hard can it be?”

Well, here we are six months later (after making her swear not to give it away!) and it is FINALLY done.

This project ended up being a lot bigger than I expected:

1. Size: This thing is no Kawai Arigurumi. It is the largest crocheted stuffed critter I have ever made and I have made a few, so that is saying something.

2. Work: Size excluded, the amount of work it took to make this “per inch” was also way more than I thought it would be.

 The issue: each little loop that makes that great texture is actually three rows, one of which is ten chains PER STITCH

 This is not something a non-crocheter will understand, but let’s just say I have made entire lap blankets with less stitches than this toy took.

 Complaining aside, I absolutely love the result – so much so that I am even mildly entertaining the idea of making one in black for myself. Note… I said mildly.

I also made a few tweaks to the blanket and bridle – a slip stitch here and there…. nothing much but these little touches are how to really own the project.  If I had more umph in me I would have added beads and a little fun bling, but after giving months to this project I think I am done….

Though this pattern has a lot of potential for added customization!