Using some leftover yarn I had, I decided to give the basic bralette pattern by Morale Fiber a go.  Overall, I found the pattern extremely well written and it worked up pretty quickly. I am pleased with the result, with a few caveats:

1. Check your gauge.  I *never* do that, and this time I really should have (see point 2 below).

2. Try it on as you go and make adjustments. Since I was just kind of testing the pattern, I was lazy and just went with the basic measurements.  The end result fits, but not as well as it should have.  

3. Use a cotton yarn.  The yarn I used is way too insulating and not as soft as I’d like for a summer top.  I might end up lining it and then wear it under a wrap closer to the end of the season.  

I also was not super fond of the straps that do the actual tying, though that could be again because of the yarn I used.  Additionally, I think I would have made the ties entirely separate from the body of the top to help with sizing  Having it all as one continuous piece makes it harder for me to do alterations. Plus if the yarn stretches (or shrinks if it is cotton) it will make adjusting it later impossible. I do have to wonder, though, if having them separate might pull it oddly?  I won’t know until I try it!

The back is a little wonky too, but that could also be a sizing issue for me since I have a very wide ribcage =/

I think I will make this again, but next time use cotton and take my time so I get the fit just right!

Basic Bralette
Basic Bralette
Basic Bralette