Today I was rejected through the mail for a rebate on some vodka because I am evidently “not of valid age to participate.”

Ok. That’s a first.

I mean, a few years back I’d get carded here and there – and occasionally still do, I might note, if some guy happens to think he’s particularly hilarious and/or charming/or-has-to-so-he’s-not-fired – but COME ON. How old do I need to be for a $2 rebate on vodka?!? “Sorry, ma’am, but we only accept rebate submissions if you are 102 and a half next June.”

In their defense, I probably put in the current date instead of my date of birth on the microscopic line I had to try and scribble all my pertinent life data on. And speaking of which, how small a typewriter do they use to print out those rebate forms? Do fleas do the typesetting? I had to literally find a magnifying lens to read it, never mind the fact that writing with normal nibbed pen was a fiasco. Blob-ville.

Still, you’d think my faux pas when I wrote the date instead of birth date would be an obvious sign senility, right? Seriously, what kind of fetus would be submitting a rebate form, let alone one for vodka!

*sigh* so now I need to resubmit (another stamp). Soon I’ll be out of pocket in stamps and supplies alone for the rebate. Like my Dad would say, “That’s how they git’cha!”

Clearly it’s a conspiracy with the Post Office.

In Case You Don’t Believe Me!