I bought this really cute (but plain…BORING!) sweatshirt at the thrift shop.

Boring Gray Sweatshirt

Boring! (see the finished product below)

It was a shorter cut and thus a bit more feminine. An added plus was that it lacked the built-in hangman’s noose neck (aka Crewneck) that I loathe and typically cut out… so, no need to take scissors to this immediately.

I had a lot of ideas as to how to bling it up a bit: rhinestones, studs, fabric glue and lace…..paint?.  After raiding my craft horde, found some sparkling fabric paint I had from a billion years ago and thought that might be fun.

Old Silver Glitter Fabric Paint


Now, as usual, my intention was to make a tutorial documenting in painstaking detail the entire process, but alas…. I get way too involved and neglect photo taking.  “The Boyfriend” suggested I start video taping my crafting sessions and then do still-grabs from there (or, terrifying as it may be to me, post the whole darned mistake filled session as a video).  I really am so organic in my process, so I need to decide the best way to share my process for the interested.

Anyway, not much to say on this project… just took a nice plain sweatshirt, found the absolute middle of the front and then free-hand drew my design using charcoal pencil (which I imagine will wash out). Because it wasn’t like permanant sharpie or pen, I was pretty safe…. and believe me, I was sketching and rubbing out mistakes when I could!

While I had fabric paints I could have used, but landed on using that aforementioned fabric paint.  I’m happy….ish with the results.  We will see in another few days when it dries how it fairs in the wash/dry cycle, though honestly I think wear and tear might help with the vintage/grunge look!

In the end, I had fun, made a plain thrifted sweatshirt my own and added a little glitter to the universe so win.win.win. And if I end up hating it…well, I have a new paint night shirt ha!

glittery skull

Looks nicer in person *all a glitter with silvery fun…. because that is what an angry skull needs – HAPPY GLITTER!*

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