Anyone who knows me knows I abhor waste. I derive joy in repurposing, giving life to neglected items and finding use for what would otherwise go into a landfill. This unfortunately means I amass a lot of materials for projects I may never get around to.

This brings me to an ongoing project that is finally getting to the point that I need to make a decision! So I’d like to introduce the first installment of my Technicolor…..Something!

After every sewing project there are bits and pieces of fabric left over, bits too small to use for another project per say but too pretty or sentimental to just toss.

There are lots of small “quilting” projects for scraps on Pinterest, but I wanted something more ambitious. Thus, I’ve slowly (ever so slowly) been building a large piece of “fabric” from my scraps:

Now that it is getting big enough to be a force with which to reckon, I need to decide what to do with my new fabric.

Here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Pirate Coat like the one I made here¬†or a similarly “long” coat
  2. A shorter coat from a vintage pattern I have
  3. A pair of bell bottoms (either from scratch or based on a pair of jeans)
  4. A messenger/cross-body bag
  5. A duvet cover
  6. A blanket

So many possibilities!

In the end, I know I will continue to save scraps, so maybe I’ll get around to all the projects listed above, but for now I’m having fun watching the fabric grow.