After my fantastic night yesterday dancing to the music of Lucky Seven – both on the dance floor and in my chair so as to share my impressive dance moves with my very grateful boyfriend (I mean I assume he was grateful) – I spent all day today sniffling and dumping gallons of tea and chicken broth down my gullet. (booooo!)
So since what I can only guess is the threat of a full blown cold curtailed my socializing for today, I decided to tinker with watercolors to relax a bit.

See, a few weeks back I got in my head it’d be fun to invite a few friends to my folks and host a watercolor party.  And a great idea it was! We all sat around, trying different techniques and then hitting the ground running and just expressing ourselves.  It was fun, creative and yielded a few really nifty paintings from everyone.

Ever since that gathering I’ve been in a watercolor kick. It is so fun to watch the colors swirl and do whatever they’d like – they are quite independent! As an added bonus, since I have a cold, I have plenty of tissues around to sop up all the extra water I inevitably dump all over! Perfect craft for a stay home sniffle festival of snot. Woohoo!

There are a ton of videos out there with different ideas and techniques.  I have far too many hobbies to be able to dedicate the amount of time it would take to truly master this art form, but it is a fast, fun craft that allows for self-expression without a hefty investment.  These days it’s easy to get all the supplies for under $30.  Sure, they won’t be professional level, but they are sufficient to whip up a few frame-worthy pieces or to make cards and gifts tags.

So, if you are looking for a neat craft to try or to introduce your children and grandchildren to, don’t overlook watercolors.  It’s a hoot!

Now, off to do a few more! *sniffles and races off with box of tissues in one hand and brushes in the other!*


Surreal Sunset


I’m an angry owl!


Swimming fishies!

Night Sky (paint was still a little wet!)