Over the years I have created all kinds of websites – personal ones, hobby-based pages, sites for clients.  I even tried a blog back in 2011 over at Blogger but it didn’t really take off due to personal lack of interest on my part.

Then about two years ago I started to dabble with CMS – content management systems.  I currently use both Joomla and WordPress. I admittedly have been mired down, though, tinkering with templates, css and basically learning the ins and outs of posting and tweaking styles and layouts. This left me with little time to actually create content to post on any kind of personal site.

Well, hopefully with this new blog things are about to change!  It may only be a paragraph or two or a piddly little musing or journal-esque montage of whatever strikes my fancy, but I think I would enjoy chronicling my thoughts in a less instantaneous mode than a social forum like Facebook, Twitter or the bajillion other social media outlets.

It will be my hope that cjacks.com will now serve as a touchstone for all my many, many interests and online personas.

I will  try to post something at least once a week and thus force a diligent effort to open myself to creative inspiration.  It is sad that these days that I find I have to actually work to hew out the time to allow inspiration to find me, but this, I suspect, is not unusual in our modern day.  I discover that I am often so inundated with information and reading about the inspiration of others via sites like Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook that I never get around to posting my own creations.

So, here’s to a second attempt at blogging!