Ok, I know I said I’d try to do a post per week, but what was I thinking?!  It’s summertime.  That means garden work, pool parties and picnics, gobs of concerts (some that I am even performing in)  so yeah….busybusybusy But anyways while I’m toiling away for a top for my upcoming concert, I thought I’d take a moment to post a little musing about regret.

Yes, Regret. Nothing says summertime fun like regret… right?

Yeah.  How about not? Ok, fine. It’s not a super party-time topic, but we all have them.  I’ve made a ton of lemonade out of lemons over the years and the regret variety isn’t left out!  I know that a lot of my friends right now are experiencing personal changes in so many ways and with any kind of change comes regret.  In this post, I am inviting my family and friends to take a tiny moment today to really try and focus on regret…..

Odd request?  Sure. But I personally pick to focus on regret because it invariably makes me think of the choices I’ve made after the “bad decision” that caused the regret and the path that comes after those mistakes.  Well, I’ve found that for every regret, there is a blessing…. that’s right, something positive,  even in something terrible and tragic.

I guess that’s my point today.  Even when you are in the depth of sorrow and struggling to make it past today, there is something positive to be learned, a blessing to be counted, a step forward. It may be something tiny, dwarfed by the challenge put ahead of us, but personally I can’t name one terrible event in my life (and I’ve had a few) that hasn’t in some way enriched my own journey. Life means learning and it’s pointless to bog down and feel it all ends at regret.  It doesn’t have to.

So sorry for waxing a bit on the cheesey side today, but honestly life overall is pretty darned awesome and I am grateful for each and every day. So how about we try to be thankful for today? Let’s keep hoping for tomorrow and be sure to send out thank yous to all those who make it even more enjoyable.