I was gifted a really neat pack of foil scratch paper a little while back and finally “etched” out some time to try it out (get it? “Etched?”).

I found a mandala moon pattern I really liked on Pinterest.  Below you can see my take on it using the Foil paper!

Holographic Moon

The paper is made by eeBoo can be found on Amazon. 

eeBoo Foil Scratch Papers

I found doing this was really relaxing!  I do think, though, that I may get some scratch tools.  The wooden stylus seemed to get dull pretty quickly.  It could be because I tend to use a lot of force when I am drawing.  I did use a pencil sharpener and that renewed the tip for a little.  They have metal-tipped pen sets out there (like these) though I would be scared I might scratch right through the foil!

I have memories of doing scratch art back in school, but back then it was just black and white.  The hologram on these gives the art a whole new level. 

So get a pack of these papers for a kid in your life (or for your inner child).  They make for a perfect rainy night project.