Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits.


Delicious tarty goodness!

My friend introduced me to it last year and though it can be a little laborious to enjoy the tart pips, it’s well worth it.  Unfortunately these buggers are only in season for a few months.  In the off season they can run upwards of $3.50 and more per fruit.  Whoa.

Therefore, I find myself keen to try all things pomegranate.  Of course, the obvious fix would be good ole Pom variety juice.  Besides the deliciousness, the bottle is adorable and makes chugging way more than one serving in a sitting a fun experience.

But it gets better!  We had a martini party a while back during which a good friend brought a bottle of PAMA – a pomegranate liquor that absolutely knocked my socks off.  Anyone who knows me knows that sweet is not really my thing, but this liquor isn’t really face twistingly sweet.  And it pairs wonderfully with other juices and liquors.

I really like bourbon and I find that adding splash of PAMA to my bourbon is pretty darned tasty.  It adds a new flavor without being over-powering and lends a tartness to my glass that I find delightful.

Last night, after my endless raving about this stuff, my friend and I picked up a bottle along with a dry champagne.  Combined in a 2 part Pama to 4 part champagne it made a refreshing, light and very pretty drink that I just had to review for my readers.  It is not too sweet, has a little dryness from the champagne (though I imagine you can use sweeter champagne or a bubbly wine if you prefer) and has a really lush ombre look if you pour the PAMA first and then are gentle when adding the champagne.  Delish!

There are a bunch of recipes and other drinks on the site, but if you are up for a new tangy tasty sensation, check out PAMA for a tart start to summer!

PAMA and Champagne

PAMA and Champagne